12 Basic cell salts

Basic cell salts

Twelve basic cell salts were developed by Dr. Schüssler himself.

They are the base of the biochemic cell salts healing method.

Comprehensive description:

These twelve cell salts contain, in homeopathically developed form, twelve mineral salts which were known in Dr. Schüsslers lifetime as important components of the human cells.

The basic cell salts are basically sufficient to treat all kinds of illnesses and health disorders.

The later developed additional cell salts serve the complementary treatment and special purposes.

The twelve basic cell salts often are called only with her number, especially in the home of cell salts, in Germany, therefore it is useful to remember the numbers of the cell salts.

In Germany and lots of other countries the cell salts have different numbers than in the USA.

In the United States the cell salt Calcium sulphate is placed at the third place, in the rest of the world it has the number twelve.

On this website we mainly use the German style numbers. The American number are placed in brackets as you can see above.