No. 8. (9) Sodium chloride - Nat Mur

Short information
Name of the cell salt Sodium chloride
Classic name Nat Mur
European number 8
American number 9
Material White powder
Standard potency 6X
Part of the body External-cellular liquid, bone, cartilage, stomach, kidneys
Use as cell salts water metabolism
Specialties Burning
Main uses


Sodium chloride is another name for the cooking salt which we know well from our kitchen. In the body it plays an important role in the liquid metabolism and thus it is also applied as a cell salt.

One can use sodium chloride against high blood pressure and also against the migraine which often comes along with disturbances of the blood vessels in the brain.

Also to the decontamination and against loss of weight, anaemia and impulse weakness, one can use sodium chloride.

Internal uses
External uses
Facial diagnosis
  • Big skin pores
  • Bloated face
  • Bright eyelids
  • Clear coating of the tongue
  • Dry skin
  • Head dandruff
  • Humid shine on the upper eyelid
  • Itch
  • Salivary vesicles on the edge of the tongue
  • Skin rash in the upper forehead
  • Swollen
  • White seclusions of the eyes
  • like snail mucus (gelatin shine)
  • spongy cheeks