No. 2. (2) Calcium phosphate - Calc Phos

Short information
Name of the cell salt Calcium phosphate
Classic name Calc Phos
European number 2
American number 2
Material White powder
Standard potency 6X
Part of the body bones, in all cells
Use as cell salts bones,teeth
Main uses


Calcium phosphate is the mineral salt which can be found most often in the body.

It is found mainly in the bones and forms her hard structure.

But Calcium phosphate can be found also in all other cells.

As a cell salt one can apply Calcium phosphate to stimulate the immune systeme.

It also helps to regenerate after protracted illnesses.

If someone suffers from allergies Calcium phosphate can be tried.

Moreover, Calcium phosphate can help against eczemas.

One uses Calcium phosphate mainly for internally uses as well as in the form of an ointment.

Internal uses
External uses
Facial diagnosis
  • Brown black coloring around the eyes
  • Burst veins
  • Cracked lips
  • Diversified folds below the eyes
  • Periodontosis
  • Scales in the face
  • Shining skin
  • Square folds around the eyes
  • corners of mouth
  • fingers
  • hands