No. 4. (5) Potassium chloride - Kali Mur

Short information
Name of the cell salt Potassium chloride
Classic name Kali Mur
European number 4
American number 5
Material Colorless crystals or white powder
Standard potency 6X
Part of the body all cells, red blodd cells
Use as cell salts Mucous membrans
Specialties 2. stage of inflammation
Main uses


Potassium chloride is the suitable cell salt if inflammations have entered into the second stage.

Then the inflammations are not bright red any more, but, however, often whitish, tough mucus from, for example, as a cold or cough sputum.

Such inflammations can happen everywhere in the body, hence, Potassium chloride is the right choice for many kinds of inflammations.

Except the inflammations Potassium chloride can also help against ravenous hunger, above all if this ravenous hunger is relieved by the drinking of water.

Also against undesirable results of vaccinations or drug taking one can try Potassium chloride.

Externally Potassium chloride can help against telangiectasias and coupe rose.

One can use an ointment with Potassium chloride and take also potassium chloratum tablets.

The digestion of milk products and taking of strong electromagnetic radiation raise the need in Potassium chloride.

Potassium chloride is included not only in all cells of the body. It is also used for variously very different purposes.

In the medicine it is used in wateredly for physiological solutions, in the kitchen as a taste amplifier. The agriculture uses it as a fertilizer, in winter it serves as a litter salt.

So much gratifying use potassium chloride has, it is used on the other side also for killing: As a poison syringe with the capital punishment, for the abortion and even as a murder poison, well-known from numerous crime films.

Thus potassium chloride shows once more quite clearly that it is only the dose which makes a substance the poison or the remedy.

Internal uses
External uses
Facial diagnosis
  • Blue white skin colour
  • Mealy skin dandruff
  • Milky skin
  • Skin like cheese
  • Stuck together eyes
  • Swollen lymphatic knots
  • White coating of the tongue