No. 5. (6) Potassium phosphate - Kali Phos

Short information
Name of the cell salt Potassium phosphate
Classic name Kali Phos
European number 5
American number 6
Material White powder
Standard potency 6X
Part of the body Nerves, brain, muscles, blood
Use as cell salts Nerves
Main uses


Potassium phosphate is used primarily against problems of the nerves and the muscles. The application field reaches from nervousness through melancholy up to sleeping discomfort. Even against learning disorders of pupils one can try Potassium phosphate.

The cell salt Potassium phosphate would also be the suitable remedy against commemorative disturbances. Also problems of other organs can be relieved by Potassium phosphate, if they are caused nervously, for example, nervous heart trouble.

Internal uses
External uses
Facial diagnosis
  • Absent expression
  • Ash-grey skin
  • Brown coating of the tongue
  • Dry tongue
  • Grey ocular part
  • Gum bleeding
  • Halitosis
  • Periodontosis
  • Sunken temples
  • mainly in the chin area