List of 12 plus 15 tissue salts

List of cell salts
The Schuessler biochemic cell salts are homeopathically dynamised mineral salts.

All these mineral salts are found in the tissue of the human body. Therefore these mineral salts are called "cell salts" or "tissue salts".

The most important cell salts are the wellknown twelve basic cell salts. They were developed by Dr. Schüssler himself.

These 12 basic cell salts are available in a lot of countries worldwide.

His pupils developed additional fifteen cell salts. They were discovered after Dr. Schuesslers lifetime as a part of the body. These salts are called addiational or supplement cell salts. Three of these supplement salts came even later than the salts from 13 to 24 and, hence, are not recognised by all practitioners.

The additional cell salts (No. 13 to 24) can't be found everywhere. In some countries (i.e. USA) there are only few vendors who offer them.

12 Basic cell salts

Twelve basic cell salts are the base of the biochemical treatment.

They were developed by Dr. Schüssler.

12 Basic Cell Salts
No. 1. Calcium Fluoratum Connective tissue, skin, joints
No. 2. Calcium phosphate Bones and teeth
No. 3. Iron phosphate Immune system
No. 4. Potassium chloride Mucous membranes
No. 5. Potassium phosphateNervous system
No. 6. Potassium sulphate Metabolism
No. 7. Magnesium phosphate Muscles
No. 8. Sodium chloride Water regulation
No. 9. Sodium phosphate Metabolism
No. 10. Sodium sulphate Purification
No. 11. Silica Connective tissue, skin, hair
No. 12. Calcium sulphate Joints, pus

15 Additional cell salts

The other mineral salts which are available as so-called additional cell salts were discovered one after the other by the followers of Dr. Schuessler.

These additional salts are applied like the basic cell salts, but for special uses.

In the meantime, there are 15 additional cell salts, by which twelve are quite wellknown especially in Germany.

15 Additional cell salts
No. 13 Potassium arsenite Skin, vitality
No. 14 Potassium bromide Nervous system, skin
No. 15 Potassium iodide Sign gland
No. 16 Lithium chloride Rheumatism, nerves
No. 17 Manganese sulphate Iron system
No. 18 Calcium sulphide Vitality, body weight
No. 19 Copper arsenite Digestive system, kidneys
No. 20 Potassium aluminium sulfuricum Digestive system, nervous system
No. 21 Zinc chloride Metabolism, womb, nerves
No. 22 Calcium carbonate Vitality, Anti Aging
No. 23 Sodium bicarbonate Purification, Body acid balance
No. 24 Arsenic iodide Skin, allergies
No. 25 Aurum Chloratum Natronatum Day and night rhythm, female reproductive organs
No. 26 Selenium Liver, blood vessels
No. 27 Potassium dichromate Blood, sugar metabolism