Schuessler Cell Salts: Potency

The cell salts are offered in the homeopathically potented dilutions 6X and 12X, sometimes also in 3X.

But what does this potency mean?

Many people know, that the potention has something to do with dilution.

But there is a lot of confusion, when people hear, that the remedies should be stronger, the more diluted they are.

Homoeopathic Potency

The potented abilities have their origin in the homoeopathy.

Nevertheless, with the Schuessler cell salts the potency are differently used than in the homoeopathy.

However, first some explanations about homoeopathic potencies.

The homoeopathic potencies are not simply diluted, but the dilution-process occurs gradually step by step.

On one part of the source substance (active substance) 10 or 100 parts of the dilution substance (i.e. ethanol or lactose) are used for each step.

The source substance and the liquid dilution substance are shaked for a while until they are very good combined. If solid insoluble substances are used, they are grinded with lactose thoroughly.

In the next step the dilution by 10 or 100 is repeated. This goes on again and again.

If the dilution is made with 10 parts in each step, the potency is called with a "X" behind the number of the steps.

The potency 6X was diluted 6 times with ten parts.

The relation between the source substance and the thinner is 1:1.000.000.

On 1 gramme of source substance comes 1 tonne of thinner (i.e. lactose).

The theory in the homeopathy says, that a remedy is stronger the more it is potented (diluted).

This theory doesn't fit to the scientific view. It is a subtle mechanism.

Potented cell salts

As the cell salts are a kind of spin-off from the homeopathy, it is logical, that the cell salts are offered in potetend form as well.

The reason why the cell salts are potetend is, nevertheless, another than in the homoeopathy.

To be able to understand the basic idea of Dr. Schüssler, one should know that Dr. Schüssler worked on the base of the scientific knowledge of his time. His theory is based on a scientifically oriented modell of the past.

Therefore it was no esoteric concept, what was developed by Dr. Schüssler, but a remedial method which is founded on modern and academically of the 19th century.

In the meantime, the natural sciences are much further than at that time, and, hence, some ideas of Dr. Schüssler have turned out not to be academically correct. Nevertheless, this does no harm to the effectiveness of his remedial method. Nowadays only the explanation, why the cell salts help, must be discovered again.

An essential basic idea for the cell salt concept is the knowledge, that mineral salts are strongly changed by the digestive canal chemically. In this changed form they often can't be taken up by the body in sufficient amounts.

Therefore there may be a lack of minerals in the body cells, in spite of sufficient mineral salts come by the food.

How is it possible, that the mineral salts can reach all the body cells?

The idea of Dr. Schüssler was, that by potenting a mineral salt, it can be split so far, that every single molecule is standing alone, surrounded completely by the thinner.

Thereby it should be possible,k that the mineral salts are taken up by the epithelium cells of the oral mucosa to reach from there directly to the blood stream and to the body cells. The digestive systeme ist ommited by this way of intaking.

Nowadays one knows, that it is not possible to split the salts down to molecule size.

But the cell salts are still taken up by the oral mucosa and are delivered directly to the blood stream.

It is not at all necessary that the mineral salts are given as single molecules. It is enough that they have been split in tiny small servings.

Standard potencies of the cell salts

The cell salts are usually used in low potencies of the X row.

The current potencies of the cell salts are: 3X, 6X and 12X.

Dr. Schüssler himself used preferentially the power of 6X.

Sometimes one can read that Dr. Schüssler advised to use always at least the potency 6X with water-dissolvable source substances.

With the substances which are not water-dissolvable one should use the potency 12X.

From this idea the standard potencies are developed.

The standard potencies are the typical potencies in which the cell salts are mostly offered.

These are the standard potencies of the basic cell salts:

  • No. 1. Calcium fluoride 12X
  • No. 2. Calcium phosphate 6X
  • No. 3. (4) Iron phosphate 12X
  • No. 4. (5) Potassium chloride 6X
  • No. 5. (6) Potassium phosphate 6X
  • No. 6. (7) Potassium sulphate 6X
  • No. 7. (8) Magnesium phosphate 6X
  • No. 8. (9) Sodium chloride 6X
  • No. 9. (10) Sodium phosphate 6X
  • No. 10. (11) Sodium sulphate 6X
  • No. 11. (12) Silica 12X
  • No. 12. (3) Calcium sulphate 6X
Nevertheless, according to other sources Dr. Schüssler advises also lower potencies.

In his main work he writes:

"All materials indissoluble in water must be brought to at least on the sixth step of the decimale thinner scale; in water to dissolvable ones can also penetrate the mentioned epithelium cells in lower dilutions."


The potency 12X becomes, as already mentioned, applied as a standard potency with the mineral salts which are not dissolvable in water.

These are the following salts:

  • No. 1. Calcium fluoride 12X
  • No. 3. (4) Iron phosphate 12X
  • No. 11. (12) Silica 12X
Also the additional cell salts are mostly used in the potency X12.

Moreover, there is another concept on how to deside which potency to use. This is based on the kind of disease that should be treated by the cell salts.

For this you can remember:

For chronic diseases and diseases of the psyche the power 12X is suitable very well.


The potency X6 is the most used potency of the Schuessler cell salts.

It is the standard potency for 9 of the 12 cell salts.

These nine salts are all water-dissolvable salts.

In view of the treated diseases you can remember:

For acute diseases the potency X6 fits well.


Though the potency 3X does not belong to the standard potencies of the cell salts, it is still applied for different reasons.

For the potency 3X one should consider that it is relatively material, i.e. 1 gramme of mineral salt is included in 1 kilogramme 3X to cell salts.

With harmless salts, as for example No. 8 (9) Sodium chloride (cooking salt), the power 3X also is still a strong thinner.

But with the salts which are toxic in large quantities one must be absolutely careful by the use of the potency 3X.

For example, the cell salt No. 4 (5) Potassium chloride one should apply in the potency 3X not in large quantities. Otherwise, sensitive people could get absolutely unspecific side effects.

The following reasons and occasions speak for application of the cell salts in the potency 3X:

  • Very acute illnesses:
    If an illness is very acute, the potency 3X can be sometimes very helpful.
  • Bath:
    With a bath one needs a lot of cell salts. By use of the potency 3X the amount of the required tablets can be considerably reduced. In 3X 1 to 10 tablets are already enough for a proper bath.
  • Substitution therapy:
    If one wants to use the cell salts as a substitution therapy for the cover of the mineral substance need, the power 3X is suited. This is interesting above all when one does not want to suck hundreds of tablets daily, what is necessary with high-level dosage in 6X and 12X. More infos: Substitution therapy and mineral substance need cover.
  • Schuesslers cell salts for horses:
    Because horses are so big, they also need a lot of cell salts. In the power 3X one can reduce the number of the given tablets.

Active substance amount and dosage

Official recommendations to the dosage of the cell salts doesn't make any difference between the potencies.

If one sees the cell salt tablets as a bearer of "active substances", this may seem illogical. Since the higher the potency, the less "active substance" is included in the tablets.

Nevertheless, the cell salts are not comparable with vitamin tablets or medical drugs with which one takes a certain active substance amount to cover an agreed and known need.

Though the idea that one can cover his mineral substance need only with cell salts is represented by several enthusiasts, but it is without scientific and computational bases see: Mineral substance need cover).

Only in the potency 3X one can assume appreciable active substance amounts. With this potency one should consider the "materiality" of the preparation with the dosage.

With the potencies 6X and 12X the impact is rather fine-etheric.

Hence, the same dosage is recommended, regardless of the potency.

The recommended dosage depends rather on the respective doctrine which clings to the treating cell salt specialist.

The daily dosage sways from 1 tablet per day up to more than 100 tablets per day.