Schuessler Cell Salts: Biography of Dr. Schuessler

Dr. Schuessler

Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler lived from 1821 to 1898.

He was born on 21st of August, 1821 in Bad Zwischenahn (Germany) and died on 30th of March, 1898 near Oldenburg where he spent many years of his life.

Dr. Schüssler studied in Paris, Berlin, Giessen and Prague and did a doctorate in Giessen in the medicine.

First Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler was active as a homoeopathic doctor for fifteen years.

The discoveries of Dr. Virchow who discovered the cells of the human body fascinated Dr. Schüssler, in such a way, that he began to do research in the base of the cell knowledge for the causes of illness and their treatment.

Dr. Schüssler laid his main focus on mineral salts and trace elements.

Bit by bit he discovered twelve mineral salts which are very important for the functioning of the human body.

Dr. Schüssler found out where these mineral substances exists in the human body.

On the base of this mineral substance apprenticeship Dr. Schüssler developed a method to process the mineral salts homeopathically, that they can be assimilated by the body especially well.

Nevertheless, according to Dr. Schüssler his new method clearly differs from the homoeopathy because with his mineral substance treatment the Simile principle is not applied what is so vital for the homoeopathy (Simile principle: The similar is cured by similar).

Dr. Schüssler called his method of treatment "biochemistry", because the chemical connections of the human biology are considered. In english the healing method is often called biochemic cell salts.

Soon the new healing method of Dr. Schüssler found eager followers and the number of his patients grew very fast.

Year after year thousands of patients wanted to receive his help.

Nowadays the biochemistry by Dr. Schüssler has lost nothing in actuality.

Above all in view of the wish for a gentle medicine the cell salts after Dr. Schüssler become more and more popular.