How to use cell salts?

Usage of cell salts

Tablets / pastilles

Schuessler cell salts are offered as tablets (pastilles).

These tablets consist od lactose and mineral salts in homeopathically potented form (see: Schuessler Cell Salts: Potency).

Globuli (liquid-coated sucrose pellets) and liquids

People who react allergic on lactose can use the cell salts as globuli or liquids.

Only view vendors offer cell salts as globuli oder in liquid form.

You have to ask for the homeopathic remedy with the same name. I. e. Calcium fluoride 12X as homeopathic globuli cann be used as Schuessler cell salt.

From the Globuli one takes 5 Globuli for every tablet which is given in use instructions.

From the liquid drops one takes 5 drops for every tablet which is given in use instructions.

Normal use

The normal use of the cell salts is
  • 3 to 6 times daily: 1 to 2 tablets
The tablets are put successively in the mouth and are slowly sucked.

In acute cases one takes a tablet every 5 minutes, until the condition is better, but not more thean a whole day.

After this high intake one switches to the normal dose.

Several salts

If one wants to take several different salts, one takes three times a day one tablet of every salt.

You can decide yourself, wether you want to take only one cell salt at a time or several cell salts together.

Some cell salt enthusiasts take always many different salts, others take maximum three different salts within one day and others prefer only one single salt at the same time.

The choice of single or several salts depends on which fits best in the actual situation.


Children take every one to two hours a tablet when in acute discomfort.

As soon as the condition gets better, they take

  • 3 to 4 times daily one tablet

High dosage

If one uses the cell salts as a substitution therapy, one can take the tablets also highly measured.

In this case some users take one tablet every minute.

This can result in more than 100 tablets a day.

Dissolve in the mouth = Dry method

It is important, that the cell salts are assimailated by the oral mucosa, directly into the blood stream.

Therefore you should let them dissolve in the mouth.

The lactose oft the tablets dissolve quite fast and it tastes a little bit sweet.

Most people, especially kids, like the mild and sweet taste of the tablets.

Best of all one takes them half an hour before food.

One can take them, however, also after or between the meals.

After the intaking of the tablets it is best to drink one glass of fresh water, so that the body has enough water to be able to detoxify.

Water trinking method

You can also use the cell salts in water.

For this purpose you can dissolve your daily dosage in a bottle of drinking water.

Drink from this bottle all day through in small sips.

This method may work also for people who have problems with lactose, because the cell salts are diluted in water.

Hint for diabetics

Because the tablets of the cell salts contain lactose, diabetics must consider them with her calculation of the bread units.
  • 50 tablets correspond to 1 bread unit

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