No. 6. (7) Potassium sulphate - Kali Sulph

Short information
Name of the cell salt Potassium sulphate
Classic name Kali Sulph
European number 6
American number 7
Material Colorless powder
Standard potency D6
Part of the body skin, mucous membrans
Use as cell salts metabolism
Specialties 3. stage of inflammation
Main uses


Potassium sulphate is the remedy for the late stage of an inflammation. In this phase inflammations are mostly not hot and red any more, instead, it comes to yellowish, sometimes suppurating seclusions.

The inflammations in this phase threaten to become chronic if one does not succeed in curing them as soon as possible.

Internal uses
External uses
Facial diagnosis
  • Brown-yellow skin
  • Dandruff on viscous base
  • Dark eyelids
  • Freckles
  • Sticking head dandruff
  • Yellow and slimy coating of the tongue
  • Yellowish around the mouth