No. 10. (11) Sodium sulphate - Nat Sulph

Short information
Name of the cell salt Sodium sulphate
Classic name Nat Sulph
European number 10
American number 11
Material Colourless powder
Standard potency 6X
Part of the body Interstitial fluid
Use as cell salts Detoxify
Main uses


Sodium sulphate is included in the body mainly in the fabric liquid. Hence, it also serves the removal of undesirable materials and old cells in the body.

With the cell salt sodium sulfuricum one can also treat the health discomfort which has originated from too many waste materials in the body.

In this connection one can find discomfort which was caused by false food, gluttony or alcohol abuse.

When suffering from green yellow removals one should think of the application of sodium sulphate. Sodium sulphate can help against weakness of the digestive organs and excretory organs.

One can use sodium sulphate also against swollen feet and hands, if these result from an unhealthy life-style.

Internal uses
External uses
Facial diagnosis
  • Bluish redness in front of the ears
  • Bluish redness in the nose
  • Green-yellow complexion
  • Redness in the external corner of the eye
  • Tongue looks dirty and greenish
  • especially forehead and temples